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Hello All,

Welcome to zumbawear-me.com operated by Exhilaration Fitness LLC, official distributor for Zumba® wear in the Middle East.

Zumba® Fitness’ stylish, comfortable clothing brand is designed to let you groove while losing yourself in the music. The Zumba® wear collections for men and woman are multi-seasonal and include signature items such as cargo pants, leggings, capri pants, shorts, tanks, jackets, tops, bra tops, accessories and sweaters. The collection also boasts footwear, the ultimate dance-fitness shoe.

Zumba® wear collections are for everyone who likes to exercise. There are styles that scream "ZUMBA" and other which have a small logo allowing you to wear from studio to street or to non Zumba® classes. Style your collection to bring out your own ZWAG!

Connect with us on Social Media by using hashtags #zumbawearme, #exhilarationfitness and #zumbawearisforeveryone.

Peace, love and Zumba®

Victoria x

Managing Director

Models: Heidy Torres Sossa (ZES™) and Armando Salcedo (ZES™)

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