Zumba® Impact Max


For the high-steppers, stompers and hip-hoppers. For those who want to rock out today and not feel it tomorrow. For those who need some cushion for those moves they’re pushin.’ For those who need support that bounces back with each impact and means business. For the everyday Zumba® enthusiast who craves a little extra cushion and support when they break it down.

Looks like it’s time to make some room in your closet for these bad boys.


  • Z-Compress is an energy return system that compresses to reduce the force of impact and then returns to its original form.
  • Z-Brace holds the foot securely for high-energy dance moves.
  • Z-Slide lets you slide easily on any surface!

*Please check the shoe size chart for the conversion of sizes. Sizes are listed in US sizes.

Style #A1FJA1064

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